We hired Colonial Painting & Decorating to sand and oil our substantial deck area including fascias and hand rails. Impressed by the price, quality and speed of the work we then asked them to paint a couple of the rooms. Our testimonial for this very professional company is demonstrated with us hiring them to paint the whole house! Great work guys and thanks!

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We pride ourselves in completing work in a professional and courteous manner with the highest standard of workmanship. Before getting a quote from a provider take into consideration these differences.

May we explain to you the differences that can occur when obtaining Quotes for your Job that can result in a variation of costs?

  • With Quotes make sure you are comparing apples with apples : for example a Quote should include the detail of the preparation which is a critical part of the process, and If not properly prepared will result in a substandard finish that will not last anywhere near as long as it should or look as smooth as a thorough job does.The number of coats should also be provided along with the brand and type of paint,Cheaper Quotes can also represent short cuts and a lower standard of both workmanship and materials supplied. More often than not the saying of 'what you pay for is what you get' can be quite true !
  • It is now required by Law that all Painters have current Workers Compensation, Accident and Sickness Policies and that Public Liability Insurance is also current.
  • The Business has to be working with an existing Painting License Number and if requested, can be produced on site.
  • Our Company itself, is fully licensed and insured and all of our experienced Painters have Occupational Health and Safety Cards, which is now a Legal Requirement.
  • We are Dulux accredited. Membership is by Invitation only to Painters in the Industry who display constant high levels of Professionalism, Customer Relations and Workmanship, along with experience, skill and reliability .We are also current members of both the Master Painters of Australia, as well as the Housing Industry Association.
  • Dulux Quality Products are always used, unless other brands are requested. We also only supply unopened new cans throughout the Job.
  • We also allow for thorough preparation, including sanding between coats, filling holes with putty, and cracks with Flexi Filler where necessary.

If you wish, recommendations can be supplied to you in the way of Phone Numbers, both personal, as well as with various Builders that we have established Relationships with, and have been supplying quality work to; for a number of years.

Please take the above into consideration when evaluating different quotes and their prices and do not hesitate to contact me if you require further clarification or have any queries.


Call Andrew on 0415 783 567 or contact us for an obligation free quote!

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